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Russian Mistress Daria

Something in Mistress Daria's appearance suggests softness — perhaps even a vulnerability — that in a properly ordered universe would excite a profound instinct to protect and provide by the male species. "Looking at her going back to her work at RussianMistress.com," one reader writes, "I just wanted to shelter her — to do anything for her.

At the same time, she's a true professional, and a skilled craftsman... anything but a mere fetish model, or even a prima-donna diva. She produces skilled work, and expects skill and acumen in return. Any slave would be lucky to serve her, and feel that instinct of male service, too long dormant, reach its full potential in the service of a powerful femme. — Ed.

DieForHer.com: Let's shart with some either-ors, if that's okay. Such as: Diamonds... or furs?
Mistress Daria: Both!

DieForHer.com: Ah, bon. so then... Champagne, or a poem?
Mistress Daria: Depends on the kind of champagne and the quality of the poem.

Russian Mistress Daria
Mistress Daria:
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That's Mistress Daria from one of numerous Russian Mistress shoots (right). Note the signature fingernails.

For the last two years, she's made her own fetish POV and femdom worship films at Daria's Fetish Kingdom, her principal Clips4Sale boutique. Specialties include foot worship, nail fetish, heel and leg tease, trample and crush clips, and more than a dozen lipstick fetish shoots.

It was the latter that particularly caught our eye, especially while casting around for a beautiful Russian agent to play Black Widow in our James Bond, RIP! series. View parts 1 and 3 of her masterful portrayal in Kiss and let DIE exclusively at Deadlier than the Male's Clips4sale store, or at YooGirls.

Mistress Daria - heel worship

DieForHer.com: New York, Paris, or St. Petersburg?
Mistress Daria: Most of the time, St. Petersburg. Paris and New York... sometimes: for a change.

DieForHer.com: Love and Death, or The Twelve Chairs?
Mistress Daria:The Twelve Chairs is immortal for me.

DieForHer.com: Obama, or Putin?
Mistress Daria: For what reason? (Rich laughter.)

DieForHer.com: Your new slave:  An author, a politician, an investor, or an actor?
Mistress Daria: Actually, I've tried all three... each was interesting in a particular way.

DieForHer.com: Man w/ Sense of humor — or a great body?
Mistress Daria: Sense of humor.

DieForHer.com: Slave as a footrest, or slave as an ash tray?
Mistress Daria: Footreast — a current need!

DieForHer.com: What's the loveliest gift anyone's ever gotten you?
Mistress Daria: As a normal woman I love all gifts if they been done sincerely. I remember a lovely portrait being pained at my slave's request. I kindly gifted it to the donor.

Femdom and fetish favorites

DieForHer.com: Do you have a favorite femme fatale from literature, history, the cinema?
Mistress Daria: I don't have idols as such. Many females deserve admiration (not necessarily dominatrixes). But I always liked Dita von Tease for her style.

DieForHer.com: You have a potion that can turn one of your slaves into a a pair of shoes, a dog, or a garbage disposal....  which do you choose?
Mistress Daria: Definitely shoes. It would be great luck for him and pleasure for me. (I'm indifferent to dogs and garbage disposals.)

DieForHer.com: What catalyzed your interest-involvement as a dominant woman?  Even if it goes back many years, do you remember the first time you felt a tingle of enjoyment — "look at what I am getting this guy to do"?
Mistress Daria: Female domination is not something that arose out of nowhere. It has deep and substantial roots. So how does one answer the question, “What catalyzed the Law of Nature?" I'm not one who takes pleasure in making others see my power over other men. That would be really cheap thing to enjoy. If it gives me some joy &mdsash; I keep it for myself. It's kind of a personal thing. Not that I ever cared too much about the opinions of others.

DieForHer.com: Do you have alpha slaves, or are they all fully submissive?
Mistress Daria: I've had some males who were dominant alphas in the past. I turned them into something different.

Mistress Daria mouth fetish lipstick DieForHer.com: Who's your least favorite person on the planet?  If he or she were in your apartment tonight, and there were "no rules," what would happen to them?
Mistress Daria: You know, if I don't like a person, I must have a reason for that, and the reason must be real strong. And if so — this person would be asked out off my house, immediately. I value my time too much to waste it.

DieForHer.com: What is your favorite fetish?
Mistress Daria: I'd say it is long nails come first. Then there are other possibilities... such as lipstick, feet, stockings, shoes, et cetera .

DieForHer.com: Mae West defined femme fatalia as, "the knowledge that I could make just about any man do just about anything." Do you feel that power?
Mistress Daria: May be even slightly more power than that. (Laughs.)

DieForHer.com: Is the present age of political equality between males and females the end of history, or are we simply passing from a former age of male dominance to a future age of female rule?
Mistress Daria: Male or Female dominance depends on the particular person, not the era. So if someone is saying “age of male dominance” — he probably just considered wrong females... and vice-versa. Men and Women have never been at the same level, and never will be. (I'm talking about real women right now). From the beginning of the humankind woman had a superior role — the fundamentals again. It may be hidden at times. But it is always present. It is in the nature of things.

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