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   July 2011 femme fatale: Brat Doll Maya Fox   


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Maya Fox  
Femme Brat-ale   

Every time we start to write out an introduction to this piece, Maya Fox leaps up the charts further and we realize, it's time to just get it posted. She's touched a nerve in the femdom world and is getting ready to remake it her image... and so without much ado, we present our July cover model, Femme Brat-ale web-flix sensation Maya Fox. — "Max"

Film-fatale phenom

DieForHer.com: You posted a couple dozen videos and hit the top 50 studios at Clips4Sale in less than 36 hours... what's your secret?
Maya Fox: I don't think its a "secret" that I'm hottttt...

DieForHer.com: Any dominant women whose style you admire, or was this just an Athena-like creative explosion?
Maya Fox: My Mother, they say the apple doesnt fall far from the tree, so here I am!

DieForHer.com: Of the clips you've made so far, what's your fave? How did you feel making it?
Maya Fox: Blackmail at its finest. It's selling well, but it's also putting me in control. I've gotten tons of email with slaves giving me their critical information. What a trip! Goes to show how powerful women can be!

DieForHer.com: What future clips do you have in the works?
Maya Fox: I plan to lure all your readers in with each and every fetish category there is... (wicked smile.)

Maya Fox: Femme fatale faves
View some of Maya Fox's favorite creations at her Clips4Sale studio:

Maya Fox video Blackmail at its Finest.
A gold-digger for the information age. (See Maya's comments on the blackmail fetish in her interview, nearby.)

Maya Fox video Assmazing.
Probably more than your limited mind can comprehend — but Maya says she was in a "sharing mood" when she made this clip.

Maya Fox video Personal ATM.
Indeed, "ATM isn't the half of it. In five minutes, I'll take everything you own." (See part two of our interview, coming soon.)

Maya's Choice

DieForHer.com: Mercedes, BMW, Lambergini, or other?
Maya Fox: I have to go with the benz since I just got my convertible.

DieForHer.com: Sushi, Italian, or a steak?
Maya Fox: who cares?

DieForHer.com: "The sweetest gift anyone has ever gotten me is..."
Maya Fox: I'd have to say my new benz since it's the most recent.

DieForHer.com: New York, Paris, or Miami?
Maya Fox: I'll go with Paris because I have yet to get there.

DieForHer.com: Flowers, diamonds, or a sonnet?
Maya Fox: Diamonds of course!

DieForHer.com: A favorite movie or song that you've never admitted you like....
Maya Fox: I couldn't care less about what others think and I like most good music.

DieForHer.com: The biggest idiot in the world is... who? If they showed up at your apartment tonight, what would you do to them?
Maya Fox: umm, not be available is what usually happens in that case. What better way to punish them, Max?

Maya Fox — fave fetishes

DieForHer.com: What are three favorite fetishes of yours?
Maya Fox: I get off on....

More from Maya Foxx
... on Poison Ivy, Black Widow
and her other fave fetishes...
Coming soon to DieForHer.com.

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Brat Doll Maya Fox - femme fatale

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