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  January 2010  


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Welcome, puppies... welcome to DieForHer.com, welcome to your personal addiction to Me, and welcome to the year 2010 — the beginning of a new decade, and indeed, as my sister Goddesses and I here are calling it, "the Decade of the Disposable Male."

Now, before you get too soaked with too much perspiration, the concept of the disposable male does not mean that every male in the world must be terminated promptly. On the contrary, I like males generally, and even some in particular, much as I enjoy certain pairs of shoes that I have, or even — in the case of a few, excellent service — my cute little doggie.

Males still have marginal uses and utility — both as recyclable materials, and even in your present, living state... provided you know your place, and are willing to serve. A horse, a sidewalk, an ash tray — these things are not equal to me; they are far inferior. And yet, they serve their function.

The Disposable Male
by Michael Gilbert

Yes, darlings, it's true — a male has written a book. And what's more, it's an insightful view of the male specie's emerging and inevitable fate in the dustbin of history. (But not until you've finished with the dishes, the laundry, and my shoes, of course.)

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The Disposable Male

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Xoxo — Valentine

Nor, in any realistic sense, does this mean that, within 10 years, the world necessarily will have realized the complete realization of Femocracy, of rule be superior females like Me. Although it is certainly possible to envision, given that the pace of progress.

     THE REALIZATION that males were meant to serve has gained increasing momentum in recent years — from the growth of, say, the Other World Kingdom, or OWK, or the Cruellan fantasry world, to the increasing presence of femdom themes even in vanilla culture.

For the foreseeable future, however, the "disposable male" concept really points to two basic concepts. Any male who can grasp these concepts will be in a better position to contribute to the evolution of society in the coming years; and any female who grasps them, and is willing to help carry them out, will assume her natural place in society — on top of males.

First, it means that, in principal, the labor, thoughts, and very extistence of every living male has only one purpose... to serve his particular Goddess, or the Femocracy generally. All male product, output, energy, property, and thought, by its very nature, belongs to female. Note that "nature" itself, please, is a feminine energy, a feminine concept.

And second, separate although related, this just order of society is based on a moral, biological, and spiritual Fact.

     IN ITS SIMPLEST FORM, this self-evident truth boils down to nothing more complicated than the motto chosen by Queen Patricia in founding the Other World Kingdom late in the last Century: "Women Over men."

It is captured, without words, in the drawings of Sardax; in the stories of my slave Billy and L. d'Avalon and Shelton Gregory; in the beautiful conceptions of the British magazine Cruella over nearly a generation. And it is continued by my fellow Goddesses and me today at DieForHer.com.

Women own more property than men in most developed countries, and, indeed, for almost a perfect index of an economy's advance, one need look no farther than the percentage of female ownership. Although there are some historical roots, this was not true generally until the 1960s, and it has accelerated in recent decades.

It is no coincidence, I think, that these decades...

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