Datura’d to death — a best-seller update

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leggy Duchess Datura Divine femme fatale executrix

When Illuminatrix Datura speaks, lemmings look up and…

If you haven’t already, it’s time to join in their mad dash to the sea, as Datura wickedly turns herself into a verb. Find out what it means to be “Datura’d to death” in Predatory Villaines 2 – Cutoff Date.

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Datura profile part 3 — these are a few
of her faaave-orite things…

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leggy Duchess Datura Divine femme fatale executrix

We asked Illuminatrix Datura

What are your three favorite fetishes, or, alternatively, three fetish interest of males that you like to exploit?

She kindly answered…

Financial Domination

Why not? Some men get put-upon when a Domme “just wants [their] money” but I’m fond of reminding men that often, honey, that’s all you have of worth. So if you want My approval? Pay. Monetary Masochism is so fun because a bruise can fade, a cut can heal… but money is gone forever.

Ego Destabilization

This is.. a relative of humiliation, but to be honest I am neutral on simple name-calling. It’s literally that, to Me-calling the man by its objective title-stupid, worthless, disgusting. But what really brings out the predator in Me is fracturing a man’s psyche with My wit and devastating manipulation.

ego destabilizer extraordinaire Duchess Datura Divine femme fatale executrixIt’s a sport, a game, to Me, and I am very good at it. In those moments when I can hear a man crack, question himself, his reality, lose footing entirely and dissociate, it brings out the beast in Me. It’s a dark, lusty sort of thrill.

I’m odd, in that way, I suppose. When I was young, in My studies, I would come upon cases of psychological and neurological damage and the odd effects that had on a person, and I would get strangely excited. Hungry. Mental plasticity, the flimsy nature of perspective and reality, it all turns Me on so much to use it to make My prey ‘better’. The male brain is a switchboard, and I know what all the buttons do.

Indirect Castration

I like CBT but that’s the tip of the iceberg. I love making men damage their balls so much that it lowers their fertility rate. Given the chance, I’d willingly break a man’s testes. Totally scramble his seminal vesicles. Or administer chemical or psychological castration. A clean cut isn’t fun enough. I’m fond of population control.

(Editor’s note: Datura’s interest in your future eunuchdom isn’t limited to chemical or other indirect methods… stay tuned for Predatory Villainess 2, coming soon to an, *ulp*, computer screen near you.)

The Daturan revelation continues —
as she offers a peek at her rise atop New World Order.

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Duchess Datura – December #FemmeFatale

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Meet December 2014 Femme Fatale of the Month Datura Divine, in part one of her exclusive DieForHer.com profile….

leggy Duchess Datura femme fatale executrix

Divine Duchess Datura news, galleries

Divine Duchess Datura

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Duchess Datura & your demise

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leggy Duchess Datura femme fatale executrixCan’t believe we missed this clip, or this new studio, back in August…

… but hey, Kendra had several funerals to attend, and then there are the inevitable hassles in probate that Mistress Delilah faces whenever one of her HNW slaves thoughtlessly offs himself without filling out the proper paperwork before hand.

Enter Duchess Datura, who in her second clip executes — ooh, did we just say executes? — the Ruinatrix role she plays in real life in the late-summer Predatory villainess plans your demise.

What stands out about Datura, in addition her obvious the obvious lavender-adorned charms, is her unabashed, matter-of-fact approach to the femme fatale.

“Your place in this word is that of prey, made to be used, chewed up, and ended,” she writes. “You’re drawn to your ruination, you want to suffer at my hands…and when you have nothing else to give, I will rid the world of you.”

Yah, she pretty much lays out your forthcoming lemming-leap into the abyss, and you… you not only can’t resist, and don’t want to, but are positively enthralled to the idea of destruction at her caprice.

Duchess Datura is nominated, and we plan to feature her, as December’s Femme Fatale of the Month. Better late than never for us. And you don’t have to wait to start clicking and tributing. Gentlemen, start your engines. It was your fantasy, dickhead.


Divine Duchess Datura — down you go…

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Valentine DeVille as Dark Primrose

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Femme Fatale Valentine DeVille wants to play a deadly game.

It’s the “Femme Fatale of the New Milennium,” Valentine DeVille, in a rare video appearance… starring as a simple farm girl gone executrix who’s had enough from the evil dictator of Panem in…

Dark Primrose
Web of Seduction

We can’t rate it, given it’s a DttM production — but in our opinion, it’s one of the sexiest clips at our studio, to go along with the under-rated HypnoAssassin Praying Mantis, and

Well worth a look to check it out, along with these other VDV resources:

Valentine DeVille Worship Group
Femme Fatale Fetish - Montreal dominatrix Valentine DeVille

Submit to Valentine DeVille
Valentine DeVille - webinatrix and femme fatale

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Randy Moore slave instructions
(For once in your life, don’t blow it.)

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Randy Moore dominatrix - slave instructions - slave applicationYou asked for it — begged, really — you got it.

After the flood of emails about Randy Moore‘s recent clip tracing her femdom evolution, she asked us to help her put together a slave instruction clip… and here it is:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Slaves. (That’s a hyperlink, fellas).

It’s pretty sexy, in its own right, as Randy lounges and massages her incredible legs and breasts throughout the session.

But she’s mainly all business as she describes what she doesn’t want to see from people who’d like to be part of her exclusive stable of actual slaves — and, importantly, what she does want.

Randy Moore dominatrix - slave instructions - slave applicationRandy understands your predicament — your desperate, helpless, hopeless love for her — that ache in your chest that makes it hard to even breathe without her — and she wants to help.

In this clip, she’ll tell you how to get her attention, how to please her, and how to contact her….

She’s ready to assist you in beginning your downward spiral into total, selfless, 24/7 devotion to her sacred person.

And yet, it’s also your potential ascent — into realizing your potential, and evolving upward into a worm, human pony, or even favorite doggieboy, groveling under her feet, heels, or (ulp) strapon like the guys in the picture nearby.

Randy’s serious about considering applications from slave wannabes, which is why she made this clip — in collaboration with DFH contributing editrixes like Goddess Amadahy and Alexis Grace.

“Be careful what you wish for,” she observes. (That’s habit #3.) And yet, as she concludes, “who wouldn’t want to be a slave to me?

Randy Moore clips at DttM

Randy Moore leg pantyhose foot heel worship

Randy Moore Worship Group
(join after viewing her slave instruction clip for free stuff)

Randy Moore leg pantyhose foot heel worship

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Bond meets his match:
the gals of GlamWorship

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Mistress Lucy Zara and Goddess Danielle - coming in JamesBondRIPGoddess Danielle, Mistress Lucy, Lady Nina Leigh, and the ladies of Glam Worship have taken time out from their busy schedule on a trip to Tenerife —

where they’ve been spending your money, heheh, pool-side —

to help us with a special charitable mission….

Taking out James Bond, once and for all!

Yes, they’ve got the plan, they’ve got the equipment, and thanks to you, they’ve got the financing.

You can follow them on their quest in the coming weeks at JamesBondRIP.com.

In the meantime, enjoy these resources from Goddess Danielle, Mistress Lucy, Lady Nina Leigh, and the other 2-glam-4u girls of Glam Worship.

Worship Mistress Lucy Zara

Goddess Danielle Worship Group

Glam Worship:

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