Boot Worship: Best of 2010

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We can’t make up our mind… so we’re leaving it up to you to decide. The following boot fetish videos from 2010 truly stand out… so read the reviews, buy the clips, and then post your vote below in the comments section for the best of 2010.

Goddess Megan boot worship1. Mistress Megan
Jerk off to Megan’s Boots

Mistress Megan makes this clip through attitude — haughty, indifferent — and even gets a little help from the fervency of her groveling slave.

Her fetish boots are not the tightest or highest we’ve seen on the superior Megan, but her extreme arrogance and you-are-insect condescension are over the top. The juxtaposition of Megan casually filing her nails, while her slave slobbers and whacks to the height of passion, is the essence of femdom. View the clip here, and vote for the clip below under “comments.”

Goddess Lexi Sindel boot worship2. Goddess Lexi
At the bottom of Lexi’s Boots

Lexi is regal on her throne, and what’s more, knows how to delegate. Camera work and editing combine in this clip to italicize the slave’s groveling posture and fervent tongue-work. As the vid-cap nearby suggests, this is skillful fetish film-making: Lex-illent stuff.

As well, Lexi’s slave in this clip is probably the most fervent among the clips reviewed here, and in our aesthetic, good execution by a slave does help a video. (And lazy or indifferent execution by the male, even in a clip with a terrific femdom, can significantly undercut it.)

View the clip here, and vote for the clip below under “comments.”

Mistress Deana boot worship3. Goddess Deanna
Worship at Her Boots

There’s something about the spike to the male head that is so singularly appropriate, so exquisite. That’s the first thing we noticed about this Goddess Deanna nominated for Best of 2010, but it wasn’t the last.

Maybe it’s just that, of all the clips nominated, Deanna seems to know best how to wear and manipulate a boot. A woman adjusting her clothing — the tightenting of a garter; the dangle of a shoe — can be a powerful thing.

And maybe we’re over-analyzing. Deanna seems to know so well how to move in boots, particularly in the presence of a properly abject male. Isn’t that the quintessence of the bootmistress?

View the clip here, and vote for the clip below under “comments.”

Princess Bridgette boot worship4. The Princess
My Personal Runway

Princess Bridgette hates working on clips, and her diffident approach to craftsmanship shows in the inconsistent lighting, palsied camera movements, and illiterate copy-writing that pervade her clips and her studio.

Yah, and you fellas care about all this while you’re whacking yourself silly, right?

It’s a measure of how commanding this princess is on camera, how ineluctably regal, that her video makes it into this list. Yah, she’s an indifferent self-motivator, but seeing her in the wide array of fetish ware (including, but not solely focused on, boots) lifts the viewer far above her ennui, and into submission to the higher power that is this princess.

View the clip here, and vote for the clip below under “comments.”


To vote for your favorite boot worship video, post a comment below. We’ll tabulate the votes until February 28, ish, and announce the winner soon thereafter.

Did we leave someone out? Club Stiletto, Stella Van Gent, Domme Dietrich, and many others produced standout riding fetish clips over the year. Post your suggestion below.

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Best 2010 castration clip:
Cruel & Unusual’s “Black Friday”

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castration fetish Jennifer Lemonde Kendra James Mistress CheyenneAs the holidays gear up and the year winds down, our editors are spending a fair amount of time reviewing and debating about the best fetish films in category to recognize at Clips4SaleBest — from foot worship to face-sitting, from cuckold to cum-eater.

When it comes to the castration department, however, it didn’t take long. Or perhaps we should say, the discussion was, ahm, cut short.

That’s because the ladies of Cruel and Unusual Femdom (from Mistress Cheyenne’s have just produced a compilation video, Black Friday, which strings together the highlights of some of their own favorite neuterial works of 2010.

At more than 30 minutes, and with excerpts from about a half-dozen plus testicle removals — priced at less than $15 — it’s a bargain. You won’t have to give your left nut to enjoy the clips.

If it were just this, the clip would get a high rating here. But this is more than just a cut and paste job. The ladies of ClubDom are truly into it, toiling away like Santa’s elves, making eunuchs. The lovely Kendra James, Jennifer LeMonde, (pictured, upper keft) and Mistress Megan stand out in particular for their protrayals.

These happy home-makers enjoy their work, and set about their tasks with surgical efficiency, but more than a dash of wit and enjoyment.

In effect, it’s also a nice trailer for the studio as a whole and its impressive body of castration features as well. We’re particularly fond of geldinatrixes LeMonde and James on this sampler, but in fact, each of videos excerpted looks VHQ.

If you’re in a relationship, of course, the video makes a nice stocking stuffer gift, whether for him or her. Gift wrapping may or may not be included — we were a tad hesitant to ask.

Click here for “Black Friday,” and click here to join the Yahoo Castration Fetish Group.

***** 5 stars / 5 stars

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