Mistress T – All’s well that ends well

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HOM… strangle… scissor… face-sitting smother?

Sometimes a girl just can’t make up her mind…

Though with Mistress T, it’s more like watching a cat toy around with a mouse. No feline fatale we’ve seen toys more alluringly than Mistress T…. as she’s shown in such clips as Scissor ending for Blobbin and our own (shamelss self-promo) DieAgra.

And in this bit, the methodological diversity actually adds a bit of drama. How will The Schmoe cross the river? HOM-ed by her elegant gloved hand? An 0-2-less passage into face-sitting heaven? Sheer cardiorotic overload?

No spoiler here. We like surprises — and so does Mistress T. 4 1/2 Stars and two thumbs up for Mistress T in

Erotic Assassin: Fetish Ending

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Mistress T returns in “Killer Strap-on”

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Vancouver dominatrix Mistress T sexy female strapon assassinWhat do you get when you combine the creative genius of Mistress T and the ladies of the English Mansion with the evil minds of DieForHer.com?

You get Mistress T starring as Pussy Galore in…

Killer Strapon

Pussy, it seems has invented the female erection — an interactive strapon that gets larger and larger in response to her pleasure.

And believe us, she’s feeling pleasure as she impales Bond with her incredibly expanding drillbit — which increases .oo7′s pain — which increases her pleasure….

(Talk about your positive feedback loop.)

In the end, it’s too much for Bond, but as Mistress T notes, there is this consolation: “Look at it this way James… you’ve finally succeeded in pleasing a woman!”

Buy Now

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Mistress T and Sidonia vs. Mr. Bond

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Vancouver dominatrix Mistress T sexy female scissoring assassinA special shoutout of thanks to both Mistress T and Sidonia Von Bork…

for their collaboration, indeed production, of a forthcoming entry in our James Bond RIP series at the prestigious English Mansion.

We won’t spoil our plans to tease you endlessly later, but in the meantime, fans of DFH will want to visit Mistress T’s Clips4Sale studio for more of her “sensual assassin” character — or follow her exploits as Pussy Galore. Among her other triumphs was her role in the runaway best-seller DieAgra.

Not to mention the member sites for Mistress T, here, and the English Mansion, here.

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Mistress T: face-sitting scissor assassin

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A male’s need for oxygen strikes Mistress T with sheer indifference…

… or rather, it’s probably more accurate to say, she enjoys cutting it off.

So if you’ve been waiting for a review of her sensual assassin series with bated breath — ooh, did we just say “bated breath”? — it’s mostly just to tease and torture you.

So we come to Scissor ending for Blobbin, one of more than a dozen clips of T as a sensual female hitlady who kills sometimes for fun, sometimes just to achieve orgasm at the expense of a disposable male.

Mistress T is lovely in classic Cuban-heeled pantyhose, changing positions on her victim several times to provide you with different angles, and multiple fantasies about feeling your life slip away while she taunts you.

And there is, as ever, real authenticity in T’s latest kill. Among Mistress T’s favorite fetishes, perhaps the top is the face-sitting and smother genre. If you liked her, e.g., in DieAgra, you’ll love her in Scissor ending for Blobbin.

You can watch the clip a la carte at her Clips4Sale studio, here, or spend just a little bit more and get more than a dozen Mistress-T assassin clips, and hundreds of others, at the Mistress T member site, here.

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Mistress T: face-sitter fatale

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We’ve been in love with Mistress T ever since we saw her five-star clips as a cruel Giantess —

e.g., see our review at Clips4SaleBest of “Giant fantasy… Big result.”

Now it’s time to pause for breath — oops, did we really just say that? — and appreciate her work in what she describes as one of Mistress T’s favorite fetishes, the face-sitting and smother genre.

As she noted in an interview about her reprise of Bond Girl Pussy Galore:

“I just love to take a man’s breath away. Permanently.”

If you like that bon mot, you’ll love her Clips4Sale video, DieAgra, a.k.a. Pussy Galored, where she face-sits one Mi6 agent to death while plotting her later assassination of James Bond himself.

You can view some of her best work as a model at places like Club Stiletto. (Some of the face-sitting images used for this piece are from Club Stiletto sets.)

And for those who prefer T a la carte, sozusagen, there’s the face-sitting collection at Mistress T’s Clips4Sale studio.

Naturally, though, the most cost-effective way to get your Mistress T fix, is at her direct-membership site… MistressT.net, here.

Most slaves — yes, even males — can spot a poser a mile away. In some ways there’s nothing worse than a mistress going through the motions of a particular fetish when, truth be told, she ‘s just marking the minutes.

The flip side is a real turn-on — and the reason, even above her natural belladonna grace, that Mistress T excels as a face-sitter. She’s actually into it. You’ll be into her, too, as it were: But Mistress T will always remind you where your true place really is. As long as you’re still breathing.

Visit our main feature page:

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Giant fantasy… Big result

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( Join the Giantess Fetish Group for updates, film reviews, galleries, and more. )

There’s a lot we could say about Mistress T’s forthcoming video, Giantess Nightmare… or Fantasy?.

It’s a highly ambitious undertaking with a big erotic bang. It’s already being called one of the best fetish videos of 2010, and “perhaps the best giantess fantasy ever filmed.”

Mistress T romps through the city with femme-maniacal joy, a 50-foot Xenia Onnatop on a rampage. Her production and editing crew have effects that are just good enough to be almost commercial, but unambitious enough to leave the clip with a cartoonesque, comic-book feel.

But we think the excerpts posted on our YouTube interview today — appearing here exclusively; the video’s scheduled for release on July 9 — are, well, just a lot more convincing than a long article.

So, enjoy this sampler from a production that’s large in the best sense of the word — a serious opus. And for the feature, click here.

***** 5 stars / five stars.

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