And Woman created man….

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Randy Moore Alexis Grace - redesigning the maleWe asked two of the most beautiful dominant women on the planet: How would you re-design the male?

Enjoy the video answer provided by Randy Moore and Alexis Grace

as they move the male member, redesign the mouth, and (yah, you guessed it) double the size of at least one key orifice — in….

Male 2.0

And Woman created Man…

(Special thanks to the great Sardax, whose drawings helped inspire the project, and are used by permission.)

Strapon Victory — total defeat of the male

Strapon Victory - male defeat! - Randy Moore, Mistress T, Alexis Grace, Kendra James

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i, Fembot — Randy Moore

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femme fatale Randy Moore stars in i, Fembot

Your sex toy has a new “femdom app,” and she’s waiting at home to surprise you.

You’ll be surprised, all right. Instead of a martini and the newspaper, or your pipe and slippers…

Randy is dressed to kill and cuts right to the chase.

First she verifies that you her download is properly installed — and that it interfaces correctly with your own programming — as a submissive, leg-worshiping, breast-craving male… a slave-wannabe.

Download and database confirmed! It’s on to the seduction (like you were going to resist)…

… as Randy explains the terms of your new relationship.

Spoiler and NSFW alert: This video contains nudity at the end, as your once-submissive dream girl orders you to giver her oral service, and you willingly, longingly crawl to the place you’ll be spending the rest of your life:

Between her legs, eagerly servicing her Fembot commands. (Oh, yah, she added a program called “female orgasm” too. Although… it’s not clear if you have the right, ahhhhmmm, hardware…)

Don’t miss Randy Moore in another of her most avante garde clips — she’s going from Fem-bot to Fem-dom in the brisk and sexy…

i, Fembot

Randy Moore links, galleries, news
(including large free i, Fembot vidcap galleries

Randy Moore femme fatale sexy female assassin

Discuss Randy at the sophisticated, eclectic,
pertinacious, never ecumenical, Mistress Destiny Forum

Randy Moore updates thread at Mistress Destiny

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“Total Destruction Therapy”

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Randy Moore sexy in Cuban-heeled, high-seemed stockings and lacy V.S. brassiereDr. Randy Moore knows you have a bit of a femme fatale fetish, and is here to help.

She’s got a fix — in fact, a complete and irreversible cure. Just sign these few papers, mhhhm, that’s right, good boy… and relax while she adjust her stilettos, her Victoria’s Secret lace-edged bra, and her Cuban-heeled seemed stockings

What’s this method called, you wonder? Well, if you must know, it’s a proprietary technique she calls “Total Destruction Therapy.”

Here, have a sip of this… You’re going to love it — Dr. Randy promises, it will change your life. Permanently.

Dr. Randy Moore
Destruction Therapy

Buy Now

Randy Moore slave instructions
(For once in your life, don’t blow it.)

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Randy Moore dominatrix - slave instructions - slave applicationYou asked for it — begged, really — you got it.

After the flood of emails about Randy Moore‘s recent clip tracing her femdom evolution, she asked us to help her put together a slave instruction clip… and here it is:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Slaves. (That’s a hyperlink, fellas).

It’s pretty sexy, in its own right, as Randy lounges and massages her incredible legs and breasts throughout the session.

But she’s mainly all business as she describes what she doesn’t want to see from people who’d like to be part of her exclusive stable of actual slaves — and, importantly, what she does want.

Randy Moore dominatrix - slave instructions - slave applicationRandy understands your predicament — your desperate, helpless, hopeless love for her — that ache in your chest that makes it hard to even breathe without her — and she wants to help.

In this clip, she’ll tell you how to get her attention, how to please her, and how to contact her….

She’s ready to assist you in beginning your downward spiral into total, selfless, 24/7 devotion to her sacred person.

And yet, it’s also your potential ascent — into realizing your potential, and evolving upward into a worm, human pony, or even favorite doggieboy, groveling under her feet, heels, or (ulp) strapon like the guys in the picture nearby.

Randy’s serious about considering applications from slave wannabes, which is why she made this clip — in collaboration with DFH contributing editrixes like Goddess Amadahy and Alexis Grace.

“Be careful what you wish for,” she observes. (That’s habit #3.) And yet, as she concludes, “who wouldn’t want to be a slave to me?

Randy Moore clips at DttM

Randy Moore leg pantyhose foot heel worship

Randy Moore Worship Group
(join after viewing her slave instruction clip for free stuff)

Randy Moore leg pantyhose foot heel worship

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Randy Moore loves to shoot —
and she doesn’t just mean videos

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femme fatale Randy Moore - sexy, evil female assassin and suicide blondeRandy Moore and the producers shout out thanks to our fans, who — in less than a week — have made DieForHer the #3 studio for Female Domination in the Clips4Sale world (that’s with eight total clips in the category) —

Including Randy’s recent top-10 smash, Randy Moore Strapon #1, also featuring the lovely Alexis Grace. Thanks, and enjoy the show (while you still can, muheheh).

Randy Moore Fan / Worship Group

Randy Moore worship group

Randy Moore clips at DttM

Randy Moore dominatrix leg foot heel worship

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DieForHer chicks on top. Where else?

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femme fatale Randy Moore - sexy, evil female assassin and suicide blonde

Randy Moore‘s triumphal world-wide femdom tour continues, and we can’t help but feel a little responsible for the broken male bodies and ruined lives she’s leaving in her path…

For there she is, right up at the top of the femdom tables along with DFH co-contributing editrix Goddess Amadahy Fatale.

Remember all those pleading emails you were sending us about Randy and Amadahy, separately, over the last 5-6 months?

Heheheh, now they’re fast friends, luxuriously (and effortlessly, we might add) devising new ways to complete the rewiring of your #DisposableMale brain.

More to come….

Randy Moore clips at DttM

Randy Moore leg pantyhose foot heel worship

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Randy Moore straponatrix

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femme fatale Randy Moore - sexy, evil female assassin and suicide blonde

As the attentive realize, contributing editrix Randy Moore has been taken an increasing interest in the domination of the male…

She told us in a recent conversation that she’s especially interested in trying a strapon… something she’d never done before….

Until now. It was only a few weeks, some planning, and a quick trip to the kink stores and Home Depot — mustn’t forget the duct tape — and then…. voila! Randy Moore Strapon #1.

Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled. There’s bound to be a sequel….

Randy Moore clips at DttM

Randy Moore leg pantyhose foot heel worship

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Randy Moore joins the Suicide Blondes

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femme fatale Randy Moore - sexy, evil female assassin and suicide blonde

We’re happy to welcome our newest video star and contributing editrix, Randy Moore, to the league of deadly females and co-director of The Suicide Blondes.

We’ve had a producer’s crush on Randy ever since spotting her instant femdom classic, I Love to Ruin Boys last summer —

But now she’s requited that helpless devotion in a recent Deadlier than the Male photo and clip shoot. That’s an outtake from one of our videos, captioned, above.

You can view Randy Moore in a series of femme fatale roles in the coming days, and in future blog posts, and follow our Randy Moore news thread, here. In the meantime, enjoy the ample Randy resources below.

Discuss Randy’s path-breaking video at the ecumenical Mistress Destiny Forum.

Randy Moore home page

Randy Moore femme fatale foot worship goddess

Randy Moore links, galleries, news

Randy Moore femme fatale sexy female assassin

Randy Moore studio at Clips4Sale

Randy Moore femdom fetish supermodel

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Randy Moore: “I love to ruin boys”

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Randy Moore - sexy fetish supermodel, porn star, and femme fatale

How did we miss Randy Moore for so long?

We’ve been wondering that for days…. ever since reviewing her instant femdom classic, I Love to Ruin Boys.

Here are five great things about that clip, and, more generally, about her studio.

1. Value.

We recognize this is a consideration for some of you. This clip is 15 minutes plus of Randy Moore, with several outfit changes from white lace to black leather catsuit to dark lingerie… implicating every fetish from head to toe, just about. Our guess is our readers will be getting their femme fatale fix for months of this clip, and it will be a classic you go back to again and again… like a junkie, getting a fix.

2. Fataleability

Randy Moore is a credible femme fatale, cold but amused, cooing with off-handed self-appreciation about her decadent facility for inducing males to self-destruct… under her patient guidance.

Hey, there’s even a little plot.

As if to fulfill your every fantasy, Randy shows up one night in your library, dressed to kill and actually showing an interest in you.

As you chat, she begins to explain what happened to your neighbor… a former NFL star who seemed to fall apart. Randy has first-hand knowledge because, as she proudly confides, she’s the one who reduced him to a shell… fat, bald, and close to bankrupt given he’s turned over virtually his entire net worth to Randy.

All the while, she seems to be sizing you up, and of course, sizing you up she is. It’s almost as if she feels her description of how she brought another man to ruin is getting you excited (like you are right now). Suddenly she wonders:

“Is that what you want me to do to you? I’m beginning to think you do…”

Beginning? To paraphrase Rene Zellweger, she had you at “destruction.”

3. Fetish facility.

So many videos you see nowadays involve a static speech to a camera, mixed in here and there with an awkward segueway into a clumsy vamp segment…. segue back to the stilted reading of the speechlet… &tc.

Randy Moore integrates seduction and script, character and fetish — and, simply put, knows how to move in front of a camera. Julie Newmar’s Catwoman comes to mind… or Hedy Lamarr’s Delilah…

especially as she muses about whether to blind or castrate her current victim, before turning back to look at you like a piece of sushi.

4. She’s incredibly hot.

We won’t even elaborate further.

Why bother? You can judge for yourself at our Randy Moore video capture gallery, here.

5. Oh yeah, she’s got, like, a cameraman

… and either she or her team has some editing skills.

We know most Clips4Sale customers are not Siskel and Ebert, and wouldn’t appreciate the artistry of Jean Cocteau even if they saw it. You probably think you don’t care.

But, trust us, it makes a difference, even to you fellas, even if you can’t understand, much less articulate, why.

I Love to Ruin Boys, simply put, is the hottest femme fatale video we’ve seen since Ceara Lynche’s Die for Me.

The only reason we’re giving it five stars is, we don’t do six…

Click here

for your copy of I Love to Ruin Boys

Randy Moore links, galleries, news

Randy Moore femme fatale foot worship goddess

Randy Moore studio at Clips4Sale

Randy Moore femdom fetish supermodel

Discuss this review at the Mistress Destiny Forum and the Femdom City Forum. (Note: Mistress Destiny sometimes removes threads without discussion or notice… nothing we can do about that; if it happens, we apologize for the dead link.)

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